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Energy literacy will enhance one’s comprehension that the cost of energy affects everything, from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, transportation, communications, housing, healthcare, and the leisurely living made possible by energy.

The world needs to comprehend that energy is more than intermittent electricity from wind and solar. Ever since the discovery of the versatility of products available from petroleum derivatives, and the beginning of manufacturing and assembly of cars, truck, airplanes, and military equipment, the world has had almost 200 years to develop clones or generics to replace the crude oil derivatives that are the basis of more than 6,000 products we use such as: medications, electronics, communications, tires, asphalt, and fertilizers.

The social needs of our materialistic societies are most likely going to remain for continuous, uninterruptable, and reliable electricity from coal, natural gas, or nuclear electricity generation backup, and for all those chemicals derivatives that get manufactured out of crude oil, that makes everything else that’s part of our daily lifestyles and economies.

Ronald Stein and Todd Royal are co-authors of the 2019 book Energy Made Easy – Helping Citizens become Energy Literate – and the new 2020 book Just GREEN Electricity – Helping Citizens Understand a World without Fossil Fuels.


About the Book

Ronald Stein and Todd Royal, two seasoned veterans of the energy industry, explore the implications of a world reliant on intermittent green electricity in this book.

Many developing countries still don’t have easy access to fossil fuels. With limited transportation systems and few petroleum-based products, they do not enjoy the same opportunities as others.

Meanwhile, leaders around the globe are suggesting intermittent electricity from solar panels and wind turbines can save us. The reality, however, is much more complicated.

Find out what the world would really be like without fossil fuels with the insights and wisdom in Just GREEN Electricity.

This weighty tome is full of what you need to be an informed part of the conversation about "energy" and what that actually means. It is chock full of data, analyses and opinion, based on both, that will cut through the current babble about renewables and the future of this planet. It opened my eyes and I thought I was a smart guy.
“Energy Made Easy” should be read by anyone desiring to understand the complexities of energy issues and policies. It is written in understandable language and clearly explains the issues and fallacies of the current energy situation. I highly recommend this book as a means to increase their energy literacy.

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